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I have attached 2 files. The sample data is same in both files, however some columns are hidden in data test 2 file.

Requirement is to Create hyper-links.

e.g. in the ID Slicer of data test 2 file, I click on 56. This will result in row 73 only visible which pertains to ID 56. Then I click on Cell A73 (which need to be hyperlinked), this should result in only the record of ID 56 visible in data set 1 file. This I think can be possible only if the hyperlink is created from Col A ID number of data test 2 file to the ID number within the Slicer of data test 1 file. (I dont even know whether there is a technical limitation to achieve this). is there any other way to achieve this?

In other words, is it possible to create a link from each individual ID in Col A of data test 2, and is hyperlinked to corresponding ID number in the ID Slicer of data test 1 file?

If hyperlinks not possible to be connected to the corresponding record within the Slicer in data test 1 file , then in data test 1 file, only record details of ID 56 should remain visible when I click on Cell A73 of data test 1 file.

Creating one simple link is easy. However, what I want is if I click on any ID in Col A of file data set 2, it should point straight to the corresponding record in data set 1 file (not merely to the file itself). i.e. by way of Macro, hyperlinks are created automatically from Col A ID number of data test 2 file, to the corresponding record ID in data test 1 file. My data set will have record to the excess of 40000 rows!

This could be possible if each ID in data test file 1 is bookmarked and hyperlink created to these individual bookmarks. Question is how to automate this whole process.

Is this even doable? Is it easy for a novice like me?

If not possible, could there be a solution if we create pivot table in both the files? Though I would prefer not to go down this path.

Any help is greatly appreciated.