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hyperlink using buttons

What do you mean by hyperlink option ? Do you mean ability to click on a link and be able to navigate to another sheet / workbook / or URL ?

Check this if so... http://chandoo.org/wp/2009/02/16/excel-table-of-contents-etc/
I am not sure why a command button would be necessary to do this. You can do this with a simple box (Insert > diagram > rectangle). Type some text in the box, like "click here" and then press CTRL+K. In the dialog, select the workbook you want to open.
thank's a ton........ i forgot about the diagram options

but whether if a sheet(which is source file)is hidden in a workbook and whether it can be opened by using the link
Whether sheet is hidden or not, the references are still valid. So it would work (provided you are able to type in the reference in the hyperlink box) I am not sure about the behavior though... you can give it a try.