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How to run a macro when a value in a target cell is changed to "A" by using a formula


New Member
Hi every one I am trying to get a macro to run when the value in a given cell changes to "a" by using a formula =IF(B2=1,"a","")
I have tried many ways but cant get this right, Thank you all for any help
tried different vba codes from google to trigger a macro when cell value changes etc none are working The macro is only to copy and paste but it wont trigger when the cell value changes to "a"
Yes the formula works but the macro wont run
As the formula is based on cell B2 so the smart way is to not try to check when the formula cell changes​
but obviously directly when cell B2 changes ! Easily doable with the event VBA procedure Worksheet_Change​
like you can see in VBA help and in threads of the appropriate VBA Macros forum section …​