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How to open each file from a folder


Excel Ninja

I have a folder.

This folder will have excel file with different extensions.
XLS, XLSM or XLSB. Files can be of any excel extension.

How do I open each file from the folder.
Can anyone please help me in this.


Excel Ninja
Use dir function.
Sub Demo()
Dim fPath As String: fPath = "C:\Test\" 'Note you should have "\" at end of path string
Dim mFile As String

mFile = Dir(fPath & "*.xls*")
Do While Len(mFile) > 0
    Workbooks.Open (fPath & mFile)
    mFile = Dir()
End Sub
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Excel Ninja
Hi @Chihiro sir, thanks a lot for the help.
I tried somewhat similar code. I copied code from Google.
But somehow code is opening only XLSM file and skipping 97-2003 workbook.

Please give me sometime to check and revert.
Have a nice day ahead. :)