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How to convert Numbers to Text in Excel without VBA


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hello ,you can make elso in all Excel Sheet in Your Pc
Dropping a certain amount (from numbers to letters) either in Arabic or English

How to use the equations for any amount in English or Arabic:
1- Look for the Folder named XLSTART on your computer and often you'll find it in program files and inside Microsoft office
2. Copy the two files inside the folder called the drip equation (in the attachments) namely Copy of Copy of EHAB and Copy of Copy of PERSONAL and place them inside the folder labeled XSTART referred to in step 1.
3. You are now ready to use the equations
4 - to use the equation within any Excel sheet as follows
Go to the cell in which you want to write the drip and go to Formula tab and click on the icon Insert function In the place specified for Or select a category Select User Defined Then you will find the required equations, choose the required equation if it is in Arabic or English and will appear in the cell you are standing Select the cell with the numbers to be dashed and press Enter


Marc L

Excel Ninja
The better initial explanation, the better answer, as this is very not a mind readers forum …​

Peter Bartholomew

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Out of curiosity did you try the non-VBA solution from my post #6?
I appreciate that trying it is not the same as replicating it in another workbook or repairing it if you do not have the CONCAT function in your release of Excel.