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How does Excel choose X axis minimum and maximum values?

My smallest X value is $30, but the X axis begins at $0.00, so there is a lot of extra white space. The highest X value is $85 and the maximum X axis value is $90 so that's ok.

In D5 I can enter a different value to change the X axis values in column D. No matter how high or now the value in D5 is, the X axis always begins at $0.00. I would like for it to begin a few values below the minimum value in column D so that there is a little bit of "padding" and therefore a little bit of white space before the minimum value in column D, but not too much like it is right now. For example if the smallest value in column D is $40, I would like the X axis to begin at $30 or so. I know I can go to Axis Options and type in a value in the Minimum field, but I don't want to do that each time the values in column D changes (when a new value is entered in D5).

I am trying to understand how Excel automatically chooses the minimum and maximum values for the X axis. And the Y axis too.


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