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How does Excel choose X axis minimum and maximum values?

My smallest X value is $30, but the X axis begins at $0.00, so there is a lot of extra white space. The highest X value is $85 and the maximum X axis value is $90 so that's ok.

In D5 I can enter a different value to change the X axis values in column D. No matter how high or now the value in D5 is, the X axis always begins at $0.00. I would like for it to begin a few values below the minimum value in column D so that there is a little bit of "padding" and therefore a little bit of white space before the minimum value in column D, but not too much like it is right now. For example if the smallest value in column D is $40, I would like the X axis to begin at $30 or so. I know I can go to Axis Options and type in a value in the Minimum field, but I don't want to do that each time the values in column D changes (when a new value is entered in D5).

I am trying to understand how Excel automatically chooses the minimum and maximum values for the X axis. And the Y axis too.



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Right-click the axis then select Format Axis in the menu. The Format Axis panel appears on the right side of the window. Under Axis Options in the Format Axis panel, set the minimum and maximum axis values by entering a value in the Minimum and Maximum boxes under Bounds.