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Highlight duplicated dates - in alternating fashion


New Member
This one has me stumped, and I'm not easily stumped.:confused:
I have a simple column of dates; some dates are duplicated, some are not.
What I want is to be able to highlight only the duplicated dates, in alternating fashion.
You might think that Conditional Formatting already provides this - just go to Highlight Duplicates.
But that will not achieve the objective since I don't want all the duplicated dates highlighted in one color.
I want one color to highlight the first group of duplicated dates, a second color to highlight the next group of duplicated dates, then back to the 1st color for the next group, etc. An easy illustration is attached.
Thank you !



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Cross posted



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As a new member, You should reread Forum Rules
There are clear steps what to do if ... use ... cross-posting.
... and seems ,You have skipped all of those.


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Don't understand this criticism. I understand the need not to cross-post. I only posted once.
Unless there's some auto-link to mrexcel.com, where I did also make the same post.
If so, I had no idea these 2 sites are linked and that posting to one will automatically post to the other.


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Which part of cross-posting criticism You do not understand?
  1. Cross-Posting. Generally, it is considered poor practice to cross post. That is to post the same question on several forums in the hope of getting a response quicker. ( You did this )
  2. If you do cross-post, please put that in your post. ( You skipped this. )
  3. Also if you have cross-posted and get an Solution elsewhere, have the courtesy of posting the Solution here so other readers can learn from the answer also, as well as stopping people wasting their time on your answered question. ( You skipped this. )

    About Your I only posted once.
    ... then who has used Your username, same text and file with these three forums?
    ... many Forums has same kind of rules with cross-posting.