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Hide a Column from all Users


New Member
I have an Excel File. Column A to Column J. Is there a way to hide Col F & Col G from all Users who have access to this Excel File
What I do now is I have to delete Col F & Col G before I share the Excel Files with my colleagues.
Once they have seen the file, I need to re-insert Col F & Col G
I was hoping there is an easier way to do this
Thank you
You can hide those columns by selecting those headers and with right click select hide.
Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 09.49.54.png
You could set column width to zero to hide those.
if Your hide means something else
... then please explain more about it (hiding).
If your users are not going to be modifying the workbook, you could hide the columns and then protect the workbook. But, keep in mind, excel is not as secure as you might think. A sharp user could unprotect the workbook and then unhide the columns if they could determine your password and are determined to do so.