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Help with vlookup


New Member
Hello all, new to forums. Read through some vloopup threads and didn't see what I needed exactly. Below is my dilemma,

I need a script/macro that would let me transfer data from a column in Report 1 to Report 2. The conditions are,

1. Match by serial number between the two reports for the transfer. If there is not matching serial number in Report 2 then cancel transfer.
2. Data column blanks will not be transfer, only cells with data (text)
3. Possible to use two criteria as SN may occur more than once in the report (multiple service of same product). Maybe Failure Date.

File size of each report is around 100MB+. Thanks in advance


Excel Ninja
You can always make a SAMPLE Excel-files and upload those here.
With that, You'll show as clear as possible Your challenge with needed results.


New Member
Attached is a report of the headers and a few records. Both reports have the same columns except Report 2 does not any text in columns Drivers and Level 2. I want to transfer the text in Drivers and Level 2 to the new report and reference the Serial number and Failure Date. This is because there may be multiple instances of the SN in Report 2.



New Member
Yes, I'll have time to experiment this weekend but was hoping for some guide. Let me know what else you need to help out. Thanks.


New Member
Update to anyone who is interested.
1. Concatenated the 3 columns for a unique string
2. Use string with vlookup

Since there are so many records it takes a while to process but eventually gets the job done. Cheers.