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Help needed with Pivot Chart not showing on slicer

I have a workbook that I have created three different file with three different pivot charts. I created one slicer but the when I do the report connections only one pivot chart shows up. Can someone help me figure out how to connect the other two pivot charts? I have attached the file below.

I would appreciate any help.



Excel Ninja
Hi, welcome to the forum.

In order for slicer(s) to connect pivot tables, one of following must be met.

1. All Pivot Tables share same source data.
2. All source tables are linked via data relationship (in data model).

Since, you have neither of above condition met, slicer cannot connect tables.

I'd recommend using PowerQuery & PowerPivot to accomplish this. However, if that's not feasible, you could use data relationship outside of PowerPivot (Excel 2013 & 2016).

What version of Excel do you have? And what license SKU?
Best fit solution will largely depend on it.

Edit: Have a read of following article series. If you've never used PowerPivot.