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Get Column Headings with Comments


New Member
Hi All

i have a table like this

now i want to result like this
In this table, Last row is Difference in above two rows,
i want to get column heading(With Comment), in which difference is not equal "0",
with Textjoin formula i can got column heading but with comments, i can't
i want results like this...
Diffrence in Column: Grade Pay-Grade Pay Deducted,
Basic Pay- Basic Pay Deducted
DA- DA Deducted
HRA-HRA Increased
CCA-CCA Applied

GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
Hi ootkhopdi, it's always better to upload a sample file. Because your thread contains some confusing wordings. "Table" suggest you have used table object in Excel as does "Heading" and "with comments" suggests you have used cell comments.
But perhaps you have simply used cell ranges to enter your data and "comments" means you want to see evolution of both lines. Going up/down. Applied is starting from 0 it went up?

Look at the attached file, it contains 2 possible scenarios range/table with a nested IF() approach.



New Member
Thanks GraH for give some solution.

you get exact database formation but, there is a change .

as your suggestion i attached a sample file to show, what i want (In Remark Column)
But I Don't Want Nested If Solution, Some times it gives too slow calculations.. and errors