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Gantt Chart Template - Project Portfolio Templates


New Member
Hi everyone,

I had purchased Project Portfolio Templates from Chandoo and currently working with Gantt Chart Template (Attached here). This is a good template however I have encountered a problem that I would like to find a answer for. If you look at the attached template you will see that there're 100 activities outlined (in Data worksheet), and in Gantt Chart worksheet the vertical scrollbar (to scroll between activities) is only catered to allocate up to 100 activities.

This means that if you add activity #101 on Data worksheet then you have to adjust properties of scrollbar manually. Having said that, my question is - is there any way to ensure properties of scrollbar are adjusted manually when I amend the Activities list?

Thank you all. This is a question also to Chandoo support team.



PS Sorry, for some reason - forum doesn't allow me to upload my file, but this one is part of Project Portfolio Templates...
I'm new to the world of Chandoo and would like to know the answer to this question as I often have more than 100 activities in a particular project.

Thanks in advance!
Hi Ron ,

The template , in its present version , will not adjust the scrollbar maximum as and when you increase the number of activities beyond its maximum setting.

However , I don't think this is really an issue since this change is a one-time change , and can be done quite easily by the user ; though the Dashboard tab is protected , there is no password. Just unprotect it and change !