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Gantt Chart - Multi Project in same chart row/bar


Hi Excel Masters,

Need your expertise regarding my Project. I know that there are couple of chart tutorial for Gantt out there, but never had seen anything like this chart (see screenshot below)

Is it possible to have a Chart with Y-Axis as the owner and plot the bars to have a gantt chart that looks like this? Even without project name inside the bar is fine.

The purpose is to know the availability of a person per date.
I'm thinking of putting some date slicer if this is possible to adjust dates on x axis.


Appreciate your response guys.

Thanks in Advance!
Thanks vletm,

This shows what i'm looking for :)

Just have a question, would it be possible to have a chart like that without any VBA? as i'm trying not to have any macros in the worksheet atm.
Thank you for confirming @vletm

It gives me hope to have a kind of chart that has an output like this! :)

Looking forward to have ideas from others
Hello everybody

To the attention of vletm:

Thank you very much for your work on this file, but...

If I add in the table (Table1) additional data for example Nash from 04/15/2020 to 04/20/2020, there is a calculation error in M4.
The cell format is transformed into a date. The following duration and gap calculations are wrong if I add more dates besides.

The graph can no longer work!
Is there a solution to correct the macro and add about ten additional dates per person?

Please find hereafter attached a working file.
Thank you.

AL 22


  • vletm - MultiGantt.xlsb
    30.6 KB · Views: 3

AL 22

As written in #4 reply One sample ... press [ Do It ]
Attention for You ... Now, I bolded word sample.
I have tested only with given sample data.
I know that there will be many kind of unwanted results if someone will change data.
There are (too) many details which should take care if any sample should work with any data .. any case ... any user.
I add to my own version some new features - now it should work with Your given data too.
About Your ... add about ten additional dates per person?
It's possible - I didn't test that without data.
That graph can work.

Ps. This thread is a 'good' sample - why sample data should be as real as real data.
This sample datas ProjName's looks ... not real, but those gives strong image that order of data would be order of those names.
Names are Project and number. It could be okay ... but what about after 9th Project? Is it Project10?
If 10th Project is Project10 then ... if try to sort ProjectName's then the result will be different that it should be.
Or ProjectName's should be written (if less than 100) Project01 .. Project10.
In this sample - sort order of data matters while solving graph.
One minor point - those values right side of table are now visible to show graph's data ....


  • MultiGantt.xlsb
    28.7 KB · Views: 8
Hello vletm,

I am very impressed with the quality of your work and the speed of your response to this file.

This is exactly what I was looking to do!

In my case, the number of projects did not matter (5-6 max), it was rather the number of actions to be carried out per project, but I understand your writings.

No doubt your work will be useful to many others, thank you again.

AL 22