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Formulas that give a strange result


Good evening.
I joined data present in different cells with the concatenate in column "I" and checked whether this is the same as that in column "A".
Because they are different (the equality in the "J" column is "NO").
If I copy and paste the entire "I" column, a trailing space appears which, if removed, makes the address the same. Why is the trailing space created if it does not exist in the individual cells?


  • x.xlsx
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Cells D2, E2 & F2 are empties.
Your formula =CONCATENATE(F2," ",B2," ",C2," ",D2) adds there space after C2.
... that's why You'll get those correct NO's.
There will be same kind of challenge if any B, C, D or F-column value is 'missing'.
to be sure that the trailing space does not appear, change your formula to

=TRIM(CONCATENATE(F1," ",B1," ",C1," ",D1))