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Formula to show blank cell

Jet Fusion

Hi all

Is there a way to change this formula to show a blank cell until a value gets added to the adjacent cell.


Thank you :)


Well-Known Member
Could you say where you're putting this formula? What's it designed to show? Is it being copied across? or down?
What's it currently showing when there's no value in the adjacent (adjecent to what?) cell?

Jet Fusion

Hi @p45cal

Sorry should have given more info. I have attached a file. Hope this helps. The error I am getting is #N/A so I want it to show a blank cell until a value is entered in anywhere from sheet 2 B5:B100.

Thanks :)



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Using absolute references for your range removes the error
But what are you trying to do ? Please explain some more and add some manually caluclated results?


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Perhaps share your solution with the board ?
And if a prominent member like p45cal does not fathom what you are doing, then your example is unsufficient