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Formula to count the occurrence of a value for a particular name or sting?


New Member
Attached the spreadsheet.
Raw table - provides information - name & score
Expected table - Need to find the count of score occurrence for a particular name.

I'm using count, able to get the count, but need to extend with name check.



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In H6 =COUNTIFS($D$6:$D$19,">90",$C$6:$C$19,G6) and copy down.

In I6 =COUNTIFS($D$6:$D$19,"<91",$D$6:$D$19,">69",$C$6:$C$19,$G6) Use this example for the remainder of the cells


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Thanks Alan. However when used the below formulas in VBA macro, unable to execute




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Countifs is not a VBA function. If you wish to use countifs in VBA, you need to preface with Application.WorksheetFunction(Countifs(....

and you need to show your ranges with the Range Object, ie. Range("L2:L1000")

Additionally, in your original post, you made no reference to this need as a VBA. You requested a formula.


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Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
Since the OP asked for a formula and not a macro, either VBA or TypeScript, I wrote a 365 solution
= LET(
    sep,      FIND("-", ranges),
    upper,  --RIGHT(ranges,LEN(ranges)-sep),
    lower,  --LEFT(ranges, sep-1),
    distinct, UNIQUE(Name),
      Name, distinct,
      Score,  "<=" & upper,
      Score, ">" & lower))
More a matter of familiarisation with 365 techniques than something th op can use.