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Formula required to update the result


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Dear Experts
I need an excel formulas to update the excel sheet attached with the requirements needed.

Objective is to collect data for project management, there will be an excel sheet for each Project which includes action open date, closed date, action owner, due date, overdue date etc.... I need the sheet called "Department Actions by Month" to collect all the data I need from Project Sheets.

For example, How many actions are open for the month of January for the department of supply chain, how many actions are open which passed their due for the month of January for the department of supply chain etc...



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I can get you part of the way there using Power Query and parameters for the Department and Month. Here is the file. With your current set up, I have not been able to parametize the type of Action. This may be something you wish to do after isolating the month and department within PQ