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Formula for Conditionaql Formating

I use the formula =A1<>A2 to highlight the last cell with same number using conditional formatting.
It then highlights the cell with the last number in the series.
How can I make it highlight the whole row?
I have tried to Applies To the whole sheet, but then it check the last of the same info in every column.
select the range you want to highlight
then use

now it will highlight the row

A good sample workbook has just 10-20 rows of representative data that has been desensitised. The sample layout accurately matches that of your real data. It also has expected results mocked up, worked examples where required, relevant cells highlighted and a few explanatory notes.

This will possibly enable a quicker and more accurate solution for you.

What version of excel are you using - would be worth updating your profile to show version as solutions will be dependant on what version you have and therefore what functions available.
Excel Versions are: 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/2021/2024 (due April24) /365 subscription , also rather than show more than 1 version . if you have them , show which version you will be using the solution for.
An awful lot of new functions have now been added to the newer versions