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Finding threads started by a user that I'm watching.


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When considering responding to a member's question I often like to look back to see if I've participated in any other thread that that user has started, and if I have, then I open that thread to see what kind of acknowledgent that member may/may not have given.

I've discovered here that I can go to the member's profile page, choose the Postings tab, at the bottom of which I can click on Find all threads by nnnnn.
I was hoping there'd be the spectacles icon upload_2018-8-5_18-42-47.png against each thread I'd participated in (actually thread I'm watching) like there is on any of Chandoo's forum start pages, but there isn't!

1. Is there a shorter way to get to a member's started threads list?
2. Is there any way I can quickly determine which threads I'm watching in that list?

This functionality exists on vBulletin-based forums.


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perhaps not…
Even if I search for my own p45cal among threads started by a member, I get No results found (and no spectacle icons either).


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Didn't You try to solve next?
Finding threads started by a user that I'm watching
For me, that's not all of their ... only started .. hmm?