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Find the 'x' most recent rents of a set of renters based on floor plan ID


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Hi, I want to find the most recent leases (1,2,3,etc) based on the floor plan ID of a list of units at an apartment community. I tried using the OFFSET and MATCH functions like this but only works if the data is sorted by Floor Plan (which I don't want to do - the data is already sorted by most recent leases first and would like to keep that): =SUM(OFFSET($AD$156,MATCH($D11,$V$156:$V$2655,0)-1,0,$AA$9))/COUNT(OFFSET($AD$156,MATCH($D11,$V$156:$V$2655,0)-1,0,$AA$9))

See attached file.



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Actually, the formula above are different cell references than what's in the excel attached..


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See cell S9 in sheet Floor Plan and copy down.
There's a cross check in the pivot table at cell U8, although you'll need manually to adjust the value filter|top 10… in the UnitID dropdown (cell V8) to match what's in cell S7.
This does NOT depend on the sort order of RentRoll table (as you might be able to glean from the SORTBY element of the formula).

If you don't have these newer worksheet functions then in a cell in row 9 you can have:
=AVERAGEIFS(CurrentInPlaceRent,FloorPlan,FloorPlans[@PlanID],CurrentLeaseSignedDate,">=" & AGGREGATE(14,2,IF(FloorPlan=FloorPlans[@PlanID],CurrentLeaseSignedDate),MIN($S$7,COUNTIF(FloorPlan,FloorPlans[@PlanID]))))
which may need to be entered with Ctrl+Shift+Enter (array-entered) rather than plain Enter.


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This works really well thank you p45cal!!
One more question: I have determined if a lease is a NEW or a RENEWAL (meaning the resident either just moved in or they have lived there awhile). So I have another column that lists NEW or RENEWAL. How can I add this to either the Sort or the Sequence part of your formula?