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Find the 2nd last date


Excel Ninja
Hi ,

Yes , both the columns are filled in through the same macro. Only the averages need to be filled in using formula.

First , can you verify that the macro is doing its job correctly ? Once this data is verified , then the formulae for the averages can be put in.



New Member
Hi to all Expert,

Can you please help me to fix my excel formulation problem:

Issue #. I have the list of training date in my database and I would like to show in the seperate sheet the latest date of each employee,

For example. employee #1 has Initial training date and also has training refresher date and I want this refresher date (which is the latest date) to be reflected in the seperate sheet (which is the sheet 2).

A sample file show my problem:
sheet 1.JPG sheet 2.png

See the second picture with the Human Factor date : 29 Dec 16 but I want 24 Jan 18 instead.

Hoping for your kind response.

Thank you.