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Filtering a huge list down then send e-mail to only those people that are shown


New Member
I have a huge list that has name, number, dept, e-mail, and many columns with different projects, etc. Each person has marking in various columns, depending on which one they are on.

I am looking for a method to allow me to filter this huge list down to a smaller specific list (like for people only on a particular project or system, or just managers, etc), then at the top of the column that has everyone's e-mails I want to have a button to send an email to just those people that I filtered down to.

The file in this link does almost exactly what I want, except for being able to send an e-mail to only the rows that are actively shown after being filtered. I tried adding a bunch of e-mails, then in the 4th column, put a mark on a few rows, then filtered to just those rows. When I click the e-mail button, it prepares an e-mail for the entire list, not the filtered list.

For my purpose, I also deleted the code that prepares sending a file. I do not need that functionality.

Any help is appreciated.


Marc L

Excel Ninja
A beginner level idea : you can copy the filtered data - or directly use an advanced filter - to a temp worksheet​
then send e-mails from this temp worksheet.​
Or obviously for each row just check if it is not hidden …​