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Filter the Pivot as per condition and get values


New Member
Hi All,

I have created a pivot using raw data. I filtered a column and updated pivot table values by creating a table next to it. I want G, H, I columns to be filled in the table by following below criteria. This vlookup formula to be updated in white colored cells. I have applied SUM formula in colored cells.

Step 1: Select T2 under Tier in Pivot table
Step 2: Select All under Partner TAT in Pivot table. Do Vlookup (using D column and A column), fill the details in H column. If it is #N/A, update as NIL. After filling the values, we should do paste special for the values (Only for Vlookup values).
Step 3: G column to be filled depending upon Partner TAT in the table. If TAT (in E column) is 15, we should select <=15 in pivot and do vlookup in G column (white cells). If TAT (in E column) is 40, we should select <=40 in pivot filter and do vlookup.
After getting values, do paste special.
Step 4: I column depends upon conditional formatting. If G,H columns contain NIL, I column should be NIL, else apply conditional formatting.

I tried vba code for these 4 steps., but am not able to do it. I'm getting failed. Can anyone help me here..
I have attached excel file for reference.

Thanks in advance.