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Filter in userform start date and end date with criteria


Good evening!

How would a VBA look like for two dates with criteria


  • SPP Filter in userform start date and end date with criteria.xlsm
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I don't see what that question can mean. Dates don't have criteria; a criterion is some reason for choosing between multiple options. Your criterion when trying to decide whether to write a function or a sub might be whether you need a value returned, for example. A date doesn't have criteria, it just is.
I don't know what a "selector" is, but a VBA program that looks at those two dates might go this way:
Sub Main()
  Set ocs = ActiveSheet.Cells
  date1 = ocs(5, 1).Value
  date2 = ocs(5, 2).Value
  End Sub
You still haven't said what criteria you have in mind, though.
I'm sure it isn't. Until you can actually say what you want, no one here will be able to help you. Try using complete sentences, and pretending that we don't know what it is you're trying to do.