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Export to Powerpoint


New Member
Hi All

I just joined. I need some help with constructing a macro

I have a sheet in excel called list. This list contains only word, excel and powerpoint files including extension tags eg .xls

I need a macro to open each file and export the tabs/ pages/ slides to a new powerpoint presentation in the exact order the files are listed

eg if the first file is an excel file, open and export the sheets from left to right to powerpoint (sheet per slide)

Also for word, each page per slide

For powerpoint slide for slide

I want the macro to prompt at the end to save new file and then close all the other opened files used to export data.

If its possible, can there be a dynamic cell in a sheet called "control" that allows excel to scale down or up the data before it exports to powerpoint . Maybe a percentage eg 75%


Luke M

Excel Ninja
Yikes. The full macro is beyond me I'm afriad. I do know that your list sheet is either going to need to contain hyperlinks, or contain the full folder path of each of your files. Your macro can then loop through the cells opening each item.

You're going to need to find someone who's got experience dealing with the Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint reference libraries, as this will require a lot of manipulation of data.

Due to the wide scope of knowledge needed, I'd recommend checking out the Microsoft Answers forum:


Sorry I can't be more helpful. =(