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Excel Search within a list and if matched criteria paste it to a sheet


My Question is somehow difficult, but I want to know if there is anyway to do the following:

A1 is an item Priced by someone else and A2: is its related Price, this item should be broken down to B1,C1,D1 with related price B2, C2, D2, where B1,C1,D1, are located in a reference list called "resource list"

however in order to gather and get the breakdown for A1 we have to look "into resource list" sheet (that contains B1, C1, D1,) and select it , however to select from the "resource list" (that contains B1,C1,D1,) we have to do search for several character(for example A1: is 50 mm SS304 Ball Valve) but the reference list has ball valve of various sizes and type, though in order to get the exact match B1 from reference list we have to do find1 (item that contains "VALVE") and find 2(items that contains "Stainless") and find 3(items that contains"50") and if matched (Find 1+Find2+find3) are found we need to insert selected value from the list (in our case is B1: REF1:VALV-STNL-BALL MPPR-42-GEB-UK 50 mm) and insert as a sub components for A1, this need to be done for B1, C1,D1, etc to make sure to complete and fill the components of A1: where at the end A1 components are B1, C1, D1, etc with their related price (note: B2, C2, D2) related price

if anyone can help or can contact to do the program for me i will grateful
A1: 50mm SS304 ball valveA2: 47873.47
B1: REF1:VALV-STNL-BALL MPPR-42-GEB-UK 50 mmB2: 33.46


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