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EXCEL Search two conditions and Enter the value accordingly

CR Anandan

New Member
Need Formula : in CELL NO C9 in EXCEL SHEET1

Description: SHEET1

ROW1 ie Flight Date
ROW2 ie Flight Nos

ROW5 ie Business Class Load i.e Passenger Counts

Columns :
"A" i.e Menu HBF : Hot Breakfast
"B" i.e Menu Cycle

Description: SHEET2 DATE WISE MENU against Menu Cycle Code

Requirement : =Cell Sheet1!C9, IF Flight DATE i.e 1 then Enter Class Load against Menu Cycle as mentioned onSheet2

Enter Class Load as per Menu Cycle
Below mentioned Matrix is of date of Aug 2023

C1 7,8,15,16,23,24,31
C2 1,2,9,10,17,18,25,26
C3 3,4,11,12,19,20,27,28
C4 5,6,13,14,21,22,29,30

Answer is in RED FONT


  • rav_TEST.xlsx
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