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Excel output error


New Member

I have an excel outpout showing who transfered data.
There is an owner to the task to transfer and there are also sub task.

I need to identify cases where the MASTERTASK (column B) is repeating itself (can be many times) & the owner column (I) have different names.

In column J to add word exception.

Thanks in advance!!!


Well-Known Member
Really! How about a sample file with clear instructions as to what you want. Also show a mocked up solution so that we can follow your needs. No pictures as we can not manipulate data in a picture. 8-10 records in your file is sufficient


New Member
Select referenced cells. Find cells that your formula is referencing and select them.
Find and replace.
Replace spaces with nothing.
Replace or Replace all
Turn on the filter.
Set the filter.
Select any unnamed checkboxes
Select blank cells, and delete.

Hope This Works,