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Excel drop down list that only changes the color of the cell but not the text in the column


New Member
I have a dropdown list of colours. i want to mention dates in the column yet have a dropdown list of colors and on selecting a color i don't want the dropdown to over write the date or any text i enter in the column
in short When selecting the color from the drop down list it should change the cell color only and not the data within.

basically the concept is i have some headings, and ones those task are done for 150 people, those i will be mentioning dates in the column
i want drop down list (color Red yellow Green) in those column that will indicate if that date was entered in the database software (red indicate no started, yellow indicate in process or delay and green completed)
depending on the update of the data i will choose the color fo the column that has dates in it
i don't want the color to over write the dates.