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Excel date changed VBA


New Member
Hi, am a beginner to excel VBA and having an issue with a form I created in VBA to calculate annual leave for my organisation

When I enter the dates in the form for start date, from date and to date, it changes the format from dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy in the database where the data is being recorded. I understand it has something to do with me using a string for the data input box instead of a date string. But my knowledge and expertise in VBA is limited, I used a tutorial to create this form and then customised it to my organisation, everything works apart from this. Any help will be much appreciated as it is a tool we need at work to make life much easier. I have attached the file.

Thank you



Well-Known Member
 .Cells(jRow, 7) = CDate(frfForm.txtstartdate.Value)
 .Cells(jRow, 9) = CDate(frfForm.txtholidayfrom.Value)
 .Cells(jRow, 10) = CDate(frfForm.txtholidayto.Value)


New Member
However, sorry to be a pain. It does not add the record to the database it over rides the previous data? So only one row is updated