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Excel Dashboard to all users in my organisation

Hi All,

I have created a dashboard in excel. This excel dashboard has been accepted by the management. However I wanted to share this dashboard in a common portal.
Also the dashboard excel has sheets where the data has to be populated by various users.

We have sharepoint portal. But sharepoint does not work properly for excel with macros.
Could you please suggest, how can I share my excel dashboard in a distributed environment to multiple stakeholders.


Excel Ninja
Excel isn't really meant for such hosted reports, using macro. There is no reliable method to have macro work on hosted file.

I'd suggest alternate approach to collecting data, since you have SharePoint portal.

Create SharePoint list(s), where you collect info (i.e. where data is populated by various users). Then collect data into Excel, either through query from backend (sql), Web query, or SharePoint API. Create dashboard, and distribute, along with credentials needed to connect to data source.

Other more complex/costly approaches are...
- Set up reporting service via SharePoint environment. Create report widget within SharePoint.
- Use PowerBI Pro subscription and connect to SharePoint and publish report.
- Use IIS server, along with python/R/javascript to collect and publish data from SharePoint. You can use Open Source reporting tool such as AMCharts.