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Excel COUNTIFS Multiple Criteria


Hi All, I am trying to get the total count of cells using countifs. Here is what I am using for getting most of what I need, but I have criteria from another column that needs to be met. Here I am counting how many cells in column C have a value between 30 & 90


My other criteria needs to be IF the cell in column A contains "NEW" or "OPEN", then give me the count of everything between 30&90.
Thanks All for the help, I am playing around with both of these options. I think this gets me where I need to be. Thanks again for your time on this.
@pecoflyer This seems to work well. How do I add another criteria for "IF anything in Column H is blank, then ignore those" Here is my real line
Still struggling on this... Here is what I am trying to use, but is not working.
=COUNTIFS($H$6:$H$3700,"",$B$6:$B$3700, X4, $O$6:$O3700,">=30",$O$6:$O$3700,"<=90")

Details on this are as follows and my criteria is a bit changed now: If cell in Column H is blank (means no date was given) AND cell in Column B contains "New" or "Open" AND cell in Column O is greater than 30 and less then 90 (which is number of days old) then give me that total count.
Perhaps =sum(countifs($B$6:$B$3700={"new","open"},$H$6:$H$3700,"",$O$6:$O3700,">=30",$O$6:$O$3700,"<=90"))