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Excel 2019, two computers different features?


New Member
Hi all, first time here but been following Chandoo on Youtube for quite a while. Thanks Chandoo for teaching me so much on Excel.

Recently I have installed Excel 2019 on two computers and both updated to the latest version. Both computers running Windows 10, and the Office are both for home and business 2019

Today I found my laptop excel has Xlookup Xmatch and etc. features that you could only find in Office 365.
I was surprised but happy that the new features are now available on excel 2019.

However, I went on to my Desktop pc, found the new feature was not available! Shocking, but searched everywhere to find an answer, and failed.

I wonder if any of you encountered the same issue.

Last note, I did not install any other add-ins to my excel on both computers.

Ps. Two screenshots attached. The one that all the features has "What's NEW".

Thanks for sharing your answers.



Active Member
Just a long shot: were you using Excel in a browser environment when you had access to the X functions? If so, then you were probably using 365 at that point. Otherwise, sorry, but no idea!