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Excel 16, Windows 10 - Hyperlink paths do not remain intact

Discussion in 'Ask an Excel Question' started by Chuckie58, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Chuckie58

    Chuckie58 New Member

    I create files on my C: drive and them copy them to a flashdrive for a co-worker (we don't share a network) to use. After copying the whole folder with the files to the flash drive, all the hyperlinks have changed to the D drive (the flash drive). I have re-built these links over and over again, only to have the same thing happen again and again. This happens in both the source and destination fields.

    The hyperlink to the whole file looks for the file on the D drive, instead of C drive. I also use the "=" sign as a link for values in cells, and the "=" link also changes to the D drive.

    I am almost ready to quit my job, I can't waste any more time on these links. Thank you in advance for helping me. I. am. Desperate.

    Attached Files:

  2. bobhc

    bobhc Excel Ninja

    How can the links point to your drive when there is no connection between the two machines.
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  3. Chuckie58

    Chuckie58 New Member

    I don't understand your question? The links break - as in do not stay in the correct path when they are copied to my flashdrive.
  4. NARAYANK991

    NARAYANK991 Excel Ninja


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