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Establish connection between excel workbooks excel 2010


I am excel 2010 user.
I have got master workbook which has all the data in several sheets.
I have set up another analysis workbook which will has 02 sheets , one for data analysis and 2nd one will have dashboard where I will have all the charts on it,

What I am trying to do here is to connect my analysis workbook with the master work book.

I can establish the connection with the master work book on one of the sheets but it doesn't give me the option
To import the data from master book so I can see the data in my analysis work book and create charts , so one the master book updates i can just refresh my analysis work book . Whether it's possible in excel 2010 or not,
Or do I need to upgrade to excel 2016 for this purpose. Also I can only establish connection to one of the sheet in master workbook, not with multiple sheets.

So I need advise what is the best way of connecting 02 work books and do analysis in excel 2010, please advise. any example or video will be nice to understand.
Also is it possible to connect to all the sheets or multiple sheets to the master work book or not.
Please advise.

GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
Look for video on power query, which is available as free add-on for Excel 2010. Google something like "consolidate multiple files and sheets in excel with Power Query".
As I'm not clairvoyant, difficult to assess how the files and data is structured and offer a more specific solution.