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E-Attendance - VBA MACRO

Somendra Misra

Excel Ninja
Hi Sathish,

The Vault is a place to share your tips/techniques/codes or anything you had developed out of Excel and you want to share with community. So I had moved your post here.



happy new year sir,

i have seen this and its amazing for me , but one thing in this sir, when m trying to edit anything here its showing unprotect the sheet every time, i have followed the instructions but still m getting same issue can u please help me with this...
Hi All,

Have been working with Excel macros/VBA and SQL coding in VBA for 5 years now.
It's really amazing to see how open this site is
Looking forward to share more knowledge

I have one of my creations, which I call as E-Attendence. Just check it out

Thanks & Regards
Sathish KV
Hi when m enabling the data the file is getting corrupt or debugg