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Dynamic Chart X Axis named date range

Hello all,
Perhaps this topic is a bit obscure for my searches but I haven't found a thread touching on this particular problem. I hope I haven't broken any rules or placed this on the wrong thread, here it goes...

As seen in the thumbnail image from the Data tab I have two dynamic charts, gray is a copy of the blue, with identical data. When I re-range the chart, changing the number of data points to be displayed from the Control tab>Max Visible Rows the dynamic charts are supposed to, like the light blue chart in the image, fill the chart area.

Apart from adding one additional series, "PtHiLt", using the same named ranges on the gray chart I believe the two are identical and should behave the same however that is not the case. When a number of rows is selected from the Control tab>Max Visible Rows other than 100 the gray chart displays a gap at the Right of the chart area. It is this Gap that I'm trying to get away from. I'm not sure what I've done differently or how I'm getting the blue chart to function but any modification to it in its current state fails or on its copy, the gray chart. Any help would be a huge assistance, been stuck for a week now. Thanks.

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Some wonders...
If You change X-axes type to date then You'll see that there is a gap with values - do it matter for You?
Do Your both chart has same number of data for both X-axes?
... or do upper chart data has some 'empty rows'?
Thank you VLEtmCall reaching out. The Two charts are attached to the same data set in columns J through L of the data tab. Ultimately I would like to have the gray chart appear just as the blue chart that is to say with the additional series visible in the gray chart and filling the church area appropriately depending on the number of rows selected on the control tab. I did examine converting the formatting of the X axis to a date versus text but when I do that I lose the time on the axis. thanks again looking forward to your ideas.


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You seems to skipped some of my questions ...
#1 Hide eg manually rows from 89 to 110 from that sheet
#2 Uncheck Show data in hidden rows and columns
But still there is that gap ...


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Apart from adding one additional series, "PtHiLt"
Well that's the problem; you have a hard-coded range of data to plot in column M for that plot.
You need to set up a dynamic named range like all the other plots, and refer to it in the series.
I've done that in the attached.

There is another possible problem in what appears to be plotted for the Range, URL and R-Mean series axis labels; they are looking at column L instead of dates, so I've put that right too.