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Display year over year data in pivot table


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Hi all.
I have inserted a sample file with what I would like to do. I have the first pivot table set up to display sales by product. That table has its year slicer and product slicer.
Now the second table I would like to set up to display only 2 years of data. The year selected on the pivot slicer and the previous year for comparison. I want the data to be displayed on a line chart as shown.
Could anyone explain what I would have to do to get that working? I have many pivot tables in my workbook and if I understand how to do one than I can do the rest. I'm not familiar with creating new measures yet, still learning that part.


  • Pivot Charts.xlsx
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I skip any a power bi file.
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I did one sample - a grey line.


  • Pivot Charts.xlsx
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