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Display Wrap Text entries within a Drop Down List

John Ab

New Member
I have a drop down list with entries which are long sentences (up to 200 characters), and when selecting the drop down view it shows part of the sentence.
Apart from resizing the cell to accommodate 200 characters,
is there a way to modify the drop down view to show the entire sentence e.g. wrap text as indicated below?


John Ab

New Member
Do you mean expand the cell containing the drop down list?
The reason why I ask is that this drop down is part of a template which is sized to fit on an A4 page and I have no expectation that the end users will temporarily widen the Drop Down. Are there any other options to change the appearance/behaviour of the drop down list after you have pressed the list button 74328 ?


Excel Ninja
John Ab
As You have read from Forum Rules
from How to get the Best Results at Chandoo.org
> For the best/fastest results, Upload a Sample File
especially an Excel-file to find out what could do? as well as to test.

John Ab

New Member
I'm sorry for my previous reply. I initially did not fully read your reply, which I have now, and it works. Many thanks and thanks for the link to the Site Rules - New Users. Have a good day.