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Dependant drop down(?) to populate adjacent cells


New Member
Hello, I'm new and i promised I've tried looking for this answer everywhere.

I'm in the process of re-creating our daily/weekly master schedule because the old format uses outdated logic and is currently broken. I'm almost done but trying to auto-populate the daily schedule is giving me a headache.

In the attached file is a small sample of the data formatting, as close to the actual file as I can really get, actual data is 100+ people, master line list and other stuff.

I have the formulas I've tried with some success highlighted together, but the goal, if possible at all, is a dropdown list in the "Position" column of the right block, that populates the adjacent fields with ALL ABAILABLE "Agent name" and "Shift" for that position. Using INDIRECT after formatting all that data doesn't seem to work right, VLOOKUP does but doesn't create the dependant dropdown correctly. INDEX MATCH MATCH works great but seems to stop at the first match and doesn't populate the rest.

I'm not sure if I can accomplish this outside of making a second master copy and formatting as a table which would make the file larger than we want as it saves and loads from a remote drive. Sheet is bringing up N/A errors because I was only focusing on the AM side. I assume if I can make it work I can just change references for the PM side. Any help is appreciated.