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Deduction and Refund Calculator.


New Member
Hello everyone.
Is there anyone who can help me with this request.
Someone helped me with this formula =IF(A20=0,"",LOOKUP(A20-0.01,$A$4:$A$13,$D$4:$D$13)*(A20-LOOKUP(A20-0.01,$A$4:$A$13,$C$4:$C$13))+MIN(A20,LOOKUP(A20-0.01,$A$4:$A$13,$C$4:$C$13))) to create a deducton table for shortages as per the attached file and it works perfectly.
I however, wish to add on the table justifiable refunds highlighted in RED. In the event someone has an over in his cash ups, I want the table to determine how much refund should be effected per period as the refunds are not to be done at once but should be spread over periods.


  • Deduction Calculator.xlsx
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