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Date function - End of Next quarter in VBA

Mahesh Babu

New Member
Helo Team,

I’m looking for a formula in VBA for the below

I have a date in cell A2 (09/04/2020) mmddyyyy.
Based on my A2 value i need value in B2 to be the end of next quarter i.e., 12/31/2020

I used the below formula in excel
=EOMONTH(A2, 3+MOD(3-Month(A2),3)) and its successful, however i’m looking for the same in VBA. I need some formula which is equivalent to excel MOD

I tried DateSerial function, but it is not giving me the Date for end of the next quarter (I’m able to use current date + no.of months) but i need next quarter end date based on the current date
Below is the one for your reference.
DateSerial(Year(Range(“A2”)), Month(Range(“A2”)) + 4, 0)

Appreciate for your help. Thank you for the help.


Mahesh Babu

New Member
Thank you for the above link. I tried but not so lucky enough. Any help on the Next Quarter End formula in vba as explained in the above requirement please.

Appreciate your time and help/thought.