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Data Validation, duplicates removed automatiacally


New Member
Hi All,
I need to use data validation based on a data column, in which new stock items are added, same should reflect in the "data validation list" and importantly it should be lively and dynamically update as and when the stock items are added, kindly suggest how to go about this, (we are using excel-2010)


New Member
provide an xlsx file for further clarification.
Hi, Plz find the file attached, here Germany appears twice in the Data Validation Drop-down list, which should appear only once, irrespective of how many times it is repeated in the "Country" Column
Since you did not upload an Excel file for clarification, you can watch this video, which is your request
Automatically Remove Duplicates from Drop Down Lists
This file will interest you
This is also an article explaining what is required

Unique Data Validation Drop-Down From Duplicate Table Data
Thanks a lot, got some insights,