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Dashboard: FTE Utlisation


Well-Known Member
Hello Everyone.

Looking for a awesome dashboard with the data provided in excel sheet.

FTE utilization : which shows to management utilization of a FTE in a day and in a month in the form of dashboard possible.

A very clear explanation in attachment...Thanking you in advance.




Well-Known Member
Wow that's really great idea which i even thought can be resolved with pivot table...But can we extent with some charts and slicers to make it more interactive...i do understand data is very small as it is only sample....Need your guidance on this what more can be done to show daily,weekly and monthly on nice charts and table formats...

Thanks for all your help.


Excel Ninja
You should know what do You need ...
I would be challenge to add charts from that (amount of data) and
those others ... I won't use!
If You have idea to show something daily, weekly ...
then there should be enough data.