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Dashboard from millions of rows of data

Hiren Parekh

New Member
We want to create a table/matrix at a client level that would potentially be used by users that are not that proficient with technologies.

The data has both numbers and text in the value fields so a matrix might not be the best solution.

Is there a way to select a client or enter a clients name and select from the list and show historic information by date and month.

Any examples would be appreciated.

Also, would SSRS be better than PowerBI in getting this task done?

Thank you.
Depends. More context and data structure sample are needed to give you guidance.

SSRS isn't necessary in this case. Unless you are dealing with 10GB + of data (assuming Pro subscription). PowerBI is more flexible in terms of data source and will be easier to develop for and manage rather than SSRS. Unless you have in-house expert on SSRS.

At surface, what you describe is certainly possible in PowerBI.

But without knowing your full use case and scope. Hard to give you specific advice.

Something that may be of use...
Row-level security (RLS) with Power BI - Power BI | Microsoft Learn