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Creating Graph Using Multiple sets of data including location/text


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Sorry in advance if someone has covered this topic/issue.

The below graph is showing generic data where these are store locations, age of store, and comp %. When I create a graph from the data I'm able to create the graph with the percentage on the Y axis and age on the X axis but I'd like to incorporate the location into each point on the graph. If I hover over the dot the data only pulls in the age and percentage but if I try to include the location data it won't pull it in? I've included the example file as well. In my actual data i have over 300 locations which makes things more difficult as well.


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  • graph example.xlsx
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Thanks! The problem is there's 300+ stores and using labels will jumble everything up. Also I want to include all the data. That's why hovering over the data point to show that particular data I thought would be best.
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