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COUNTIF formula ?


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Hello friends. Please help !

I want a formula ( maybe COUNTIF? ) to count how many "W" and "D" and "L" are found per each range: "B3:B12", "D3:D12" and "F3:F12".

But to count only in the first 5 cells with value (that are NOT empty blank cells).

I don't want to count all "W" and "D" and "L" found in the entire range.

I want to count "W" and "D" and "L" on the first 5 filled cells, skiping the blank cells.

The formulas must be separate, meaning a formula to count just the value "W", another formula to count just the value "D", another formula to count just the value "L".

In short, to count in the first 5 cells that are not blank:
- how many "W"
- how many "D"
- how many "L"

I want to obtain the count from the green examples.

I DO NOT want to obtain the count from the red examples.

Please see attached excel file and image. Thank you !

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Do you really expect someone to answer this after bieng posted on so many forums? I won't, that's for sure, I don't have time to loose


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You should read this:
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