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Count the age less than 18 years

Enan Bahadur

New Member
I want to calculate the age of the players who are less than 18 years old.
i have made attached DAX but its giving an error.
Please advise.
Thanks alot


  • DAX_Count.PNG
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A best practise on this forum is to upload a sanitized sample file. That way the given advice is more straight to the point.
Share formulas using code tags, it's under the insert button.

Couple of things I notice:
- "&&" is a shorthand for "AND" statement. "<18" would be enough.
- Also the "=" before "<" is strange.

The thread is slightly confusing to me. Title says count the age, in your text you want to calculate age. That could be the average age is 14,5 years for players under 18. Looking at the formula you try to count rows.

You can try
Age_<18:= countrows ( filter ( TableName , [Payer Age]<18 ) )

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