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Count hours (9hrs per day Mon-Thursday) 4 hours every Friday between dates


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I want to count working hours only between two different dates but I have weird condition as I want to count "9 hours" as per day between Monday to Thursday and 4hours every Friday.
Saturday and Sunday are non working days + calendar holidays. I'm super stressed and I did not find solution even I watch all youtube and google so much.. can someone rescue me please? attached excel sheet. Thanks in advance. God Bless you!!


  • Annual Leave Tracker 2024.xlsx
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Thanks Belleke. If there will be no Friday will it will still do -5. I don't know if it works! I want a conditional formula that applies as count everyday 9hours (Mon - Thursday) and count 4 hours every Friday - Days should be detected automatically. for example if there is 2 Fridays then 4 hours each Friday should be automatically counted.


  • Annual Leave Tracker 2024.xlsx
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Guys you are the besssssssssssssssssssssssssssst!! You have make my day and life easy!! Stay always best.... EXPERTS!!!