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Count horizontally


I would like to ask about the new requirement of the car machine total hour. I have tried to do the same methods as the pressure, but yet to get the results. I have uploaded the workbook which needs your guidelines on the code.

The requirements are as below:-
1) If the car machine total hour is not more than 400 hours - highlighted in yellow
2) If the car machine total hour is more than 400 hours - highlighted in red.


Kindly assists with many thanks.


Hi vletm,

Thank you for your comments after a few weeks that I have been waiting and following up for some answers. I am apologizing for my 'copy & paste' three times same phrases with different date.

Ermm, by the way, how can I give something new and make interesting to the question#26?
Do you know where could I get the answer to my question #26?
Any other excel forum that I can seek for assistance?

Last but not least, is Narayan will be back to Chandoo.org forum?
It's been a long time I didn't see him as he is very expert with his excel innovations. That is why I am coming back to here for more awesome solutions.
Are you the same team with Narayan in Excel Ninja?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Patiently waiting here.



Excel Ninja
As I wrote: Hint: You should able to give something new - which would make this more interesting or so.
You should make this more interesting - 'if gives something then could get something'.

I've checked this a long time ago, but You're waiting ...
a) something with formulas
b) Your sheets layouts ... hmm? which are more 'Car Machine' or 'Dates'? Your layout 'tells' that there have to be more 'Car Machines'.
= my calendar has 365...366 days per year ... if more 'Car Machines' then there will be some challenges.

c) I won't start to change others files. I could try to do this 'my way' if there could be needed informations.
I tried to comment only Excel-questions, that's why I skipped those Your other questions.
Dear vletm,

Thank you for your reply. At least you have given your feedback on why my excel spreadsheet that is not interesting and confusing.

This time I have redone a sample table that focus on the total machine hour only.
Yes, there are more car machines per- year.
Let me know what other information is required for your files.
(Attached the file for your details and the question are provided inside the spreadsheet)

Note: Only excel formula & conditional formatting will be good.



Excel Ninja
a) something with formulas meant that I'll skip formula case
b) 'my calendar has 365...366 days per year ... if more 'Car Machines' then there will be some challenges.'
meant that You should have MORE than 365 'Car Machines' per year with Your layout!
... and that with formulas ... and with conditional formatting ... for someone else!
c) 'my way' and Your Note
... what is good for You ... okay, it would be good for You ... but 'my way' is something else.